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Riding Jackets

After riding boots, let us take a look at the riding jackets. If there is a gear which is most sought after as far as bikes and riding are concerned, are the jackets. It is hard to picture a biker without a slick jacket on him. Every one wants to don a smart and sexy jacket which at the same time is of good quality for protection. We will not go into all the possible and very expensive jackets as riding jackets is really a big space and there are hundreds of options if not more. We will look at the affordable ones which also meet the quality criteria for better protection. I have gathered most of the info from the internet and the people who are using these along with my own experiences. So lets get down to this cool gear which is must for riding, be it for the complete look or for protection.

– SPG Atlas
Price Range – Rs 4000.
Available at

Mesh panels run along the sides of the jacket from waist to armpit and down the inside of the arm to the cuff. It has a rain liner, a CE-rated armor set for the elbow and shoulder a Very good value for money.

– DSG Aero
Price Range – Rs 5000.
Available at

Basically a mesh shell jacket with abrasion resistant material in important places. A very simple light jacket which makes it an all weather jacket even in warm conditions. On the downside, it has no reflective strip and the jacket is more like a shell liner. Personally, I won’t recommend any jackets of this type. We have listed this jacket just to inform that there are jackets of these type too.

– Cramster Breezer Mesh 4.0
Price Range – Rs 5500.
Available at

Promising mesh jacket with abrasion resistant material, a warm liner as well as a rain liner. It has reflectives in the piping and sleeve adjusters at the forearm as well as the bicep. Good value for money. Users of this jacket are happy with the jacket.

– Cramster Breezer Mesh 4S
Price Range – Rs 6000.
Available at

Same as the previous jacket in specs. But the design and armor rating is better than the earlier jacket. Very good value for money. Difficult to beat this at this price.

– DSG Nero
Price Range – Rs 6500.
Available at

Basic riding jacket that is made of reinforced nylon. It has four external pockets of which two are waterproof and two more internal waterproof pockets. It has a water resistant inner lining and a removable lining for cold conditions along with reflective strips and approved armor for important areas.

– Harley Men’s Tailgater Textile and mesh
Price Range – Rs 14000.
Available at Official Harley Davidson Stores.
Mens tailgater textile and mesh

I have just included this jacket because I personally have this jacket and am very happy with it. Although a bit on the expensive side, but it is needless to say, that Harley Products are cool and with great quality. It has great high rating protection and is a mesh and textile jacket. It also has a lining for colder conditions. It is also water resistant to quite an extent.

There are few others as well from Alpinestars which fall in one of the categories explained above. But the price range is a bit on the higher side than the others mentioned.

Personal Choice: I would suggest, that if you can invest, go for the Harley riding jacket 🙂

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