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Kutch Bike Tour

One of the most serene, heavenly and out of the body experience you can have is visiting the Rann of Kutch on a full moon night. And what would make it even more exciting? Yes. All bikers know the answer. It would be to ride to Rann of Kutch on our machines. So here is all the info you need about the Rann of Kutch Bike Tour

Following is an exhaustive itinerary including all options.

Day 1
– Mumbai – Vapi – Navsari – Bharuch – Vadodara – Ahmedabad – 534 kms

Day 2
– Ahmedabad – Bhachau – Bhuj – 339 kms

Day 3 (Optional)
– Stay in Bhuj to see Prag Mahal ,Aaina Mahal

Day 4
– Bhuj – Dhordo – Rann – 81 kms
– Dhordo – Kalo Dungar – 48 kms
– Kalo Dungar – Bhuj – 90 kms

If you plan to just visit the Rann and comeback the above plan is fine. If you want to stay and find an accommodation in Dhordo you can stay in Dhordo and cover Kalo Dungar from there and come back to Dhordo or head further to Bhuj. (More on accommodations later in the post)
Kala Dungar (Black Hill) offers a panoramic view from 458 meters above sea level. You can see all the way across to the Pakistani border.
The part of the itinerary will get modified according to what is decided for above. Accordingly increase the day numbers below by one or two.

Day 5 (Optional)
– Bhuj – Mandvi – 60 kms

Day 6 (Optional based on above)
– Mandvi – Bhuj – 60 kms

Day 7 (Optional)
– Bhuj – Lakhpat – Bhuj – 270 kms
Lakhpat has a fort which is worth visiting.

Day 8 (Optional)
– Bhuj – Dholavira – Bhuj – 438 kms

Day 10
– Bhachau – Dholavira – Bhuj – 306 kms

Day 11
– Bhuj – Ahmedabad – 339 kms

Day 12
– Ahmedabad – Mumbai – 534 kms

TOTAL: 3099 kms

Best Time to Go
– November to March (Rann Utsav is from December to March). It’s best to head out into the desert only in the early morning or evening, otherwise the salt can be blinding. The full moon is the best time of month to see it, and cultural programs are usually held at Dhordo then. A moonlight Rann camel safari is magical.

Permit Requirements
– You require a written permission to visit the salt desert. This can be obtained on the way at the Bhirandiyara village (famous for mawa, a sweet made from milk) checkpoint, around 55 kilometers from Bhuj. The cost is 100 rupees per person and 50 rupees for a car. You’ll need to submit a photocopy of your ID, plus show the original. Permission is also obtainable from the Gujarat Police DSP office in Bhuj near Jubilee Ground (it’s closed on Sundays, and on every second and fourth Saturday). You must present the written permission to the officers at the army checkpoint at the entry to the salt desert.

Accommodation Details
– The following information concerns details beyond Bhuj
– The most popular choice is the Gateway to Rann Resort at Dhordo. It’s made up of characterful Kutchi Bhungas (mud huts), traditionally crafted and decorated with handicrafts. Expect to pay around 3,500 rupees for an air conditioned double, per night with meals included.
– The Gujarat government has also set up tourist accommodations, the Toran Rann Resort, opposite the army checkpoint near the entrance to the salt desert.
– Another recommended option is the Shaam-e-Sarhad (Sunset at the Border) Village Resort in Hodka.
The resort is owned and managed by the local residents. You can choose to stay in tents (3,200 rupees per night for a double) or traditional Bhungas (4,800 rupees per night for a double), and both have attached bathrooms and running water.

Personal Items
– Camera+Charger+Memory Stick etc
– Phone + Charger
– Bungee Ropes
– Elbow and Knee Guards
– Biking Gloves
– Sun Screen Lotion, Moisturizers, Moov/Iodex/Pain Relief Sprays
– 1 Torch
– Small Air Tight container to keep medicines
– Locks for Bags
– Map Print out

– Soframycin/ Betadine ointment for cuts and bruises
– Savlon/Dettol for cuts and bruises
– Bandaids for cuts and brusies
– Cotton and Crepe Bandage
– General Meds for headaches, stomach aches – Dispirin 1 strip, Aspirin – 1 strip
– Small Scissor
– Fever medicines Like Crocin, Paracetamol, Combiflam – 1 strip each
– Medicines for cold and cough – Dcold-1 strip, Honeytus-1 Bottle, Vicks Lozenges – 20

– IDs in original (Required for permit)
– Driving License
– All Bike Documents (Insurance, Pollution and RC in Original)

Bike Spares
– Spare tube
– Puncture kit
– Clutch wire
– Spark plugs
– Toolkit

Route Map
rann of kutch-bike-trip

Map Link
Rann of Kutch Bike Trip Route Map

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