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Nepal Bike Trip

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Nepal Bike Trip

Nepal bike trip will lead to vistas you can only imagine. It will be a refreshing experience and you can even pace it as per your comfort. Nepal bike trip will take you through the most beautiful parts of Nepal. Here is all the info you need for India Thailand Road Trip.

Important Things
– The largest engine allowed in Nepal is 650cc, the bike can only be in the country for up to three months, and you’ll need to pay a “road tax” fee upon entry.
– Obtain customs permits from Nepal customs (Bhansar paper) @ Nepali Rs. 113 per day. Take it for couple of days extra. In case your bike is found in Nepal without the requisite Bhansar paper, you can say goodbye to the bike.
– They are very strict about this.
– You need original of the RC and driving license of the rider plus photocopy of these.
– Ensure that you do NOT take any Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denomination notes. Exports of these two types of notes are BANNED. Your money will be confiscated and you will be penalized. Take any amount of Indian currency; but take it in denominations of Rs 100 or less.

Documents for Indians to carry:
– Valid passport, with at least 6 months validity, from the date of arrival.
– Vehicle documents in original and copies.
– Driving License

The trip can be done in few ways.
– You can reach Kathmandu and then rent out the bikes there and proceed from there.
– You can ride to Kathmandu from Delhi itself. There are couple of route options for this stretch.
– You can transport your bike to Gorakhpur and proceed from there to Kathmandu and then continue as per the itinerary described later.

And now the route from Kathmandu for the Nepal bike trip. This is the point from where the real action will begin.

ROUTE/ITINERARY from Kathmandu
Day 1
– Kathmandu
– Arrive in Kathmandu. Rest and indulge in some sightseeing.
Day 2
– Kathmandu – Daman – 60 kms
– Explore nearby areas riding. Overnight stay in Daman. You can stay at Resort, Daman.
Day 3
– Daman – Chitwan National Park – 200 kms
– You can try to stay at Jungle Lodge Resort for the night.
Day 4
– Chitwan National Park
– Indulge in activities in the national park and stay overnight.
Day 5
– Chitwan National Park – Lumbini – 140 kms
– Ride from Chitwan to Lumbini, approximately 4-5 hours ride. Halfday tour of Lumbini. Overnight at hotel in Lumbini.
Day 6
– Lumbini – Tansen – 50 kms
– Ride from Lumbini to Palpa Tansen, and transfer to hotel.
– Halfday tour of Palpa Tansen.
– Overnight at hotel in Tansen.
Day 7
– Tansen – Pokhara – 260 kms
– Drive from Palpa to Pokhara and transfer to Hotel.
– Rest day. Phewa Lake is a must watch. You can visit the old city, new market, the cap factory and the Seti Gorge in a half day trip. If you have more time you can visit the Begnas and Rupa Tal or take a 3 hour hike to Sarangkot or Hyangja.
– Overnight at Hotel in Pokhara.
Day 8
– Pokhara
– Sightseeing tour including of the Davi’s Fall (also known as Devin’s and David’s Fall), Mahendra Cave (large limestone cave is locally known as the House of Bats), Bindubasisini Temple, Barahi Temple, Museum and local market.
– Overnight in Hotel.
Day 9
– Pokhara – Bandipur – 90 kms
– Ride to Bandipur, which is a beautiful tourist village. Catch the historical trail at Dumre Bazaar.
– Overnight stay in Bandipur.
Day 10
– Bandipur – Patan – 150 kms
– Patan is a historical city near Kathmandu. Patan is separated from Kathmandu by the Bagmati. It has historically been known by its Sanskrit name Lalitpur (City of Beauty) and its Newari name, Yala. Patan’s Durbar Sq is full of temples.
– Overnight stay in Patan.
Day 11
– Patan – Nagarkot – 35 kms
– Nagarkot is a beautiful small village. There are various places around the edge of the Kathmandu Valley that offer great mountain views, but the resort village of Nagarkot, 32km from Kathmandu, is generally considered the best.
– Overnight stay in Nagarkot.
Day 12
– Nagarkot – Bhaktapur – 20 kms
– You can see a string of temples, courtyards and monumental squares, and the side streets are peppered with shrines, wells and water tanks.
– Overnight stay in Bhaktapur.
Day 13
– Bhaktapur – Kathmandu – 20 kms
– Overnight stay in Kathmandu.
Day 14
Proceed from Kathmandu depending on whether you are riding further back to Delhi etc or taking a flight out of Kathmandu.

Total (Excluding the ride from Delhi etc to Kathmandu): 1025 kms

Best time to go for a Nepal bike trip is from December to April.

Personal Items
– Camera+Charger+Memory Stick etc
– Phone + Charger
– Bungee Ropes
– Elbow and Knee Guards
– Biking Gloves
– Spare Light Shoes (For Emergency)
– Waterproof Bag cover
– Rain coat
– Sun Screen Lotion, Moisturizers, Moov/Iodex/Pain Relief Sprays
– 1 Torch
– Small Air Tight container to keep medicines
– Locks for Bags
– Map Print out
– Other General Items

– Soframycin/ Betadine ointment for cuts and bruises
– Savlon/Dettol for cuts and bruises
– Bandaids for cuts and brusies
– Cotton and Crepe Bandage
– General Meds for headaches, stomach aches – Dispirin 1 strip, Aspirin – 1 strip
– Small Scissor
– Fever medicines Like Crocin, Paracetamol, Combiflam – 1 strip each
– Medicines for cold and cough – Dcold-1 strip, Honeytus-1 Bottle, Vicks Lozenges – 20

Bike Spares
– Spare tube
– Puncture kit
– Clutch wire
– Spark plugs
– Toolkit

Route Map

Map Link
Nepal bike trip route map

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