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Golden Quadrilateral Bike Tour

Golden Quadrilateral Bike Tour is not for the normal hobby biker. It is for the ardent compulsive biker whose lust for churning out miles is hard to satiate. It covers close to 6000 kms traversing 13 states. It is a must for any biker who wants to test the limits of endurance riding. So for all the mile crunching junkies, here is what the trip is about.

Delhi – Kolkata
– Section I is a stretch of 1453 kms NH2 from Delhi to Kolkata
– Delhi -28kms- Faridabad -120kms- Mathura -55kms- Agra -45kms- Firozabad -79kms- Etawah -160kms- Kanpur -88kms- Fatehpur district -122kms- Allahabad -121kms-Varanasi -58kms- Chandauli -48kms- Mohania -25kms- Kudra -28kms- Sasaram -23kms- Dehri -32kms- Aurangabad -48kms- Sherghati -13kms- Dobhi -47kms- Chouparan -30kms- Barhi -75kms- Ishri -25kms- Bagodar -74kms- Dhanbad -66kms- Asansol -43kms- Durgapur -69kms- Bardhaman -103kms- Kolkata

Kolkata – Chennai
– Section II is a stretch of 1684 kms from Kolkata to Chennai. It consists of NH6 (Kolkata to Kharagpur), NH60 (Kharagpur to Balasore) and NH5 (Balasore to Chennai)
– Kolkata -135kms- Kharagpur -146kms- Balasore -70kms- Bhadrak -59kms- Jajpur -53kms- Cuttack -26kms- Bhubaneswar -173kms- Berhampur -160kms- Srikakulam -67kms- Vizianagaram -66kms- Visakhapatnam -107kms- Tuni -100kms- Rajahmundry -48kms- Tadepalligudem -52kms- Eluru -58kms- Vijayawada -42kms- Guntur -111kms- Ongole -70kms- Kavali -58kms- Nellore -44kms- Gudur -92kms- Gummidipoondi -44kms- Chennai

Chennai – Mumbai
– Section III is a stretch of 1290 kms from Chennai to Mumbai. It constitutes parts of NH4 (Mumbai to Bangalore), NH7 (Bangalore to Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu) and NH46 (Krishnagiri to nearby Chennai)
– Chennai -138kms- Vellore -129kms- Krishnagiri -94kms- Bengaluru -70kms- Tumakuru -55kms- Sira -84kms- Chitradurga -60kms- Davangere -40kms- Ranebennur -111kms- Hubballi-Dharwad -101kms- Belagavi -113kms- Kolhapur -48kms- Sangli-Miraj -77kms- Karad -53kms- Satara -106kms- Pune -115kms- Panvel -34kms- Mumbai

Mumbai – Delhi
– Section IV is a stretch of 1419 kms between Mumbai and Delhi. It constitutes parts of NH8 (Delhi to Kishangarh), NH79A (Kishangarh – Nasirabad – Ajmer bypass), NH79 (Nasirabad to Chittaurgarh) and NH76 (Chittaurgarh to Udaipur) NH8 (Udaipur to Mumbai)
– Mumbai -173kms- Silvassa -20kms- Vapi -27kms- Valsad -56kms- Navsari -41kms- Surat -76kms- Bharuch -79kms- Vadodara -116kms- Ahmedabad -28kms- Gandhinagar -239kms- Udaipur -126kms- Chittaurgarh -197kms- Ajmer -132kms- Jaipur -234kms- Gurgaon -30kms- Delhi

Total: 5846 kms

P.S: The record for fastest time to cover this route on bike is 92 hours 30 mins. Just a teaser for the ones who might consider attempting to break the record 😉

Personal Items
– Camera+Charger+Memory Stick etc
– Phone + Charger
– Bungee Ropes
– Elbow and Knee Guards
– Biking Gloves
– Spare Light Shoes (For Emergency)
– Waterproof Bag cover
– Rain coat
– Sun Screen Lotion, Moisturizers, Moov/Iodex/Pain Relief Sprays
– 1 Torch
– Small Air Tight container to keep medicines
– Locks for Bags
– Map Print out
– Other General Items

– Soframycin/ Betadine ointment for cuts and bruises
– Savlon/Dettol for cuts and bruises
– Bandaids for cuts and brusies
– Cotton and Crepe Bandage
– General Meds for headaches, stomach aches – Dispirin 1 strip, Aspirin – 1 strip
– Small Scissor
– Fever medicines Like Crocin, Paracetamol, Combiflam – 1 strip each
– Medicines for cold and cough – Dcold-1 strip, Honeytus-1 Bottle, Vicks Lozenges – 20

– Driving License
– All Bike Documents (Insurance, Pollution and RC in Original)

Bike Spares
– Spare tube
– Puncture kit
– Clutch wire
– Spark plugs
– Toolkit

Route Map

Map Link
Golden Quadrilateral Bike Tour

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