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Action Cameras

Let’s take a look at the action cameras. If you are an avid biker or indulge in adventure sports action cameras are the coolest gadgets can you can possibly own. They allow you to record a first person’s view of your experience which I must say is even more thrilling to watch. It makes you relive the whole experience again and again. Action cameras are still to become very popular in India but they are gaining ground all over the world for quite some time. We intend to provide you the info about the most popular ones around and we will also explore few cheaper ones for those who feel that they might not use it more often but still want to capture their experience for their adventures which they seldom undertake.

-1- GoPro Hero 4 Black


GoPros are a clear winner in the action camera space and the most trusted and well known brand. The GoPro edition 1 starts from $130 and the range goes up to GoPro 4 at $500.
GoPro Hero 4 Black is small, light, and durable, and every setting can be tweaked to fit the needs. The quality of video is simply superb and it has a range of functions. It is also great in low light conditions. It is also supported by and exhaustive ecosystem of accessories which serves any possible need that you might have.
One drawback is the battery backup (around 1 hour for continuous use) which is not great.

Available at amazon, ebay and gopro site. To know more about the specs check out

-2- GoPro Hero 4 Silver


A cheaper option than the black edition earlier described.
It retails at $100 cheaper than the black edition. It is similar to the black edition with some limitations with resolution range but extremely capable nevertheless. The battery backup is again not as much as we would like it to be.

-3- Sony Action Cam Mini


One of the only worthy competitors to GoPro.
It retails at $250. Footage is impressive. Fine tuning of the settings has to be done using a phone app. This camera also has a decent accessories ecosystem like mounts etc. Like the GoPro, drawback is that the battery backup is not that great.

-4- Sony Action Cam AS100V


Big brother of the mini action cam described above. It retails at around $220.
Its clear plus points are on-camera controls and better battery life. Lets you do more tweaking right from the camera. The drawback is that the accessories ecosystem is not that developed and has less variety as compared to the earlier three cameras.

-5- Ion Air Pro 3


On amazon etc you can find it for $200. On Ion’s site they retail at around $350 which is very steep for this camera.
It is a tough, cylindrical camera that produces rich images which need less tuning in an editing software. It has decent amount of accessories.

-6- Garmin Virb Elite


Retails around $270
It comes with great battery life and offers the ability to overlay on your video your GPS, altimeter and other data from companion Garmin devices like a heart rate monitor. The video quality is not as great as the cameras mentioned above. The plus point only being the battery life.

-7- JVC Adixxion


Retails around $250
It is a little older but does a decent job with its image quality, and it doesn’t even need a case due to its rugged build. Includes an on-board screen for framing up shots and navigation. Drawback is that it lacks the features which other companies offer and for a basic decent action cam, the price is steep.

We also found a very good reference for the popular action camera reviews. Go to the link given below.

Action Camera Reviews

Apart from these, if you just want to start of and do not want to invest so much money right away, you can go for the starting range of GoPro which retails at $130. Check out their site. There are also a couple of very cheap options on ebay. They are nothing like the cameras discussed here but decent enough to try them out especially if you know you won’t be going on many such trips and might to have something for just one off tour.

Emerson Go Action Cam 720p
You can find this on for around Rs 5500. Brief specs for this are as follows:
720p resolution
5.0MP digital camera
4x digital zoom
Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Waterproof case
Helmet & bike mount

You can know more at Emerson Action Camera

Mini Sport Camera 720P,ACT20
Retails around Rs 5500
Hand-free, suitable for cycling, riding, hunting, surfing, boating. Can easily be mounted on helmet, bike, boat, gun, car black box, or anywhere else.
-Not software Interpolation, True HD 1280*720/30fps High Resolution Video and Audio record.
-Water resistant: (means weather proof). It can be used even in rain or snow.
-Duralumin shell with Acrylic lens: can work in high temperature.
-Clear sound record even in waterproof condition.
-Long working time: can work at least 2.5 hours.
-Extendable up to 32G Micro SD card

Know more at Mini Sport Action Camera

Alternatively you can do a general search on action cameras on and have a look. I found these two above as the most decent ones.

Please post comments or more info if you know better or about any other tools, apps or gears that you know about.

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