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he genesis of the site came about after we encountered difficulties in finding all the required info about bike tours at one single place. Our endeavor thus, is to be one place for all the bikers to gather info about various bike tours. We would need the help of fellow bikers to gather and compile all the info to be put on the site for the benefit of the biking community. Our vision is eliminating the problem that our fellow bikers face. It is an endeavor that bikers do not need to scourge the whole of internet and gather info from multiple scattered sources. I hope, together with the help of you all, we can develop this to be one such place. We would really appreciate and would be grateful to all of you who come up in providing us info for all the bike tours you would have undertaken and also to improve the current info to keep it recent.

So let’s get revving!


Detailed information about the various bike tours.

Rentals and More

Catalogue of all the bike rental vendors and tour organizers.


Read all the exciting Travelogues of various trips by our fellow bikers, info about tools, apps and gears.

Speak Out

Post your travelogues, experiences and other info about your tours
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Send us an email with any queries, info or stories and we'll get back to you, asap.